Mike Pearse 1The Powderworks Snowboarding Company is formed around the knowledge and experience of Mike Pearse who has been involved in the development of snowboarders at all levels and in all disciplines. From beginner to intermediate, through to professional competitors.

The conception and execution of competitions at all levels are one of our core competencies, another area of expertise is the communication and training of, safety  and freeriding techniques. Mike Pearse is an internationally qualified Freeride guide and Austrian fully certified Snowboard and Ski Instructor with over 20 years experience.

Stubai GlacierThe company is based in the Stubai valley which is about 20 minutes from Innsbruck, which boasts an International airport and a well-connected Train Station; The airports Munich, Salzburg, Zürich and Bolzano are all with in 2 or 3 hours transfer time. Being based in Stubai enables us a 100% snow guarantee and when the conditions allow we can access Wintersport resorts from St Anton in the west to resorts in the Salzburg region, as well as southern Germany and northern Italy within 1 to 2 hours.

We specialise in a customised Wintersport experience paying attention to your development and a wide range of experiences.

For more information please have a look at our products, these are by no means the extent of what we offer, more so an example of what is possible…