Training Camps

Group 2Choose a topic and an aim, and we will create a week-long program to assist your group to reach their goals. Some of the programs we have in place are Freestyle skill development, Boardercross skill development, Gate Racing skill development, Training methods in Wintersport, Freeriding and Mountain Safety Techniques as well as Guided tours in selected regions. Our Instructors, trainers and Guides are trained in accordance with ISO 17024.

Group 1Where appropriate training weeks include evening classes to address the theoretical aspects of the topic being addressed.

These types of camps are ideal for school groups from a sport teaching, maturing or cultural point of view. Our Instructors, Trainers and Guides are all experienced in dealing with children and Teenagers of all dispositions.

TeamAnother popular application of our camps is to induce, and further team bonding, or as an incentive, for a job well done.

We have a number of race teams that look to us for guidance in developing athletes training programs, and skill development programs. With over 15 years experience in this area and a successful record of preparing athletes for National Competitions we can provide the services you need.